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Investment advisory services to immigrants

By being sincere to our clients and trying to satisfy every need, we provide one - stop professional investment immigration and overseas study services. In addition to assisting clients in obtaining permanent residence in Europe through the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, they also apply for immigration to other overseas countries. They are assessed by eligibility, application, investment, permanent resident status and permanent residence. The right to settle the formalities, etc., are to provide one-stop service. In addition, we understand that parents care for their children. We also provide services such as children's schooling or overseas studies.

- A professional wealth management team assists clients in opening an account to carry out "buy and sell" asset classes and to provide financial advice and combinations to meet customers’ needs.

- Provide account statements on a regular basis and submit investment reports to the Immigration Department on behalf of clients.

- Regular review of the client's investment portfolio.

One-stop consultancy services

We are committed to providing our clients with one-stop personal immigration and overseas education consultancy services to help you find the right destination for immigrants and further studies.

- Free preliminary assessment

- Answering questions about immigration and overseas studies

- Assistance in applying for permanent residence in a third country (if necessary)

- To assist in the preparation of visa application documents, fill out and submit the visa application form

- Immigration inquiries

- Assist in settlement procedures and apply for residency rights

- Assistance in arranging the purchase of accommodation

- Provide a wide range of consultancy services to meet your daily needs

- Provide advice on overseas study and arrange reception and accommodation。

Sales Service

The management of property sale is a process that demands detailed examination of the market, collection of valid information and professional handling as to the way of processing.

In D&A Invest we have a wide portfolio of properties, that can offer integrated proposals for sale and purchase, always in view of the standards set by the principal.

We systematically monitor all legal – fiscal developments and perform all necessary checks of the legal titles and building permits of the properties concerned.

In the case of principals – not permanent residents, we take on preparation and filing of all relevant authorizations for the permission of registration of sale and purchase contracts at the Land Registry.

Our consultancy support starts from the initial contract negotiations until the conclusion of the final agreement, wanting to ensure the financial interests of our client, as well as the best possible use of his real estate property.

Renting Service

The wide range of choices offered by our company guarantees finding the right property in line with the aesthetic, the needs and naturally, the economic potential of our clients.

Whether for professional use or for residential purposes, D&A Invest adjusts its search to each client's profile, making comprehensive proposals for long term or seasonal property rentals.

We place great emphasis on high quality service, therefore we assume entirely the rental process, from the initial negotiation with the owners until the conclusion of the rental contract.

As advocates of the interests of our clients, we take care of the settlement of all issues related to the transaction, providing legal support, as well as carrying out the procedure for the registration of informative real estate lease data declaration with the General Secretariat for Information Systems of the Ministry of Finance.

Property Management

Real estate management is a laborious, time-consuming process which requires continuous engagement and often legal knowledge for its proper preservation.

D&A Invest Company with its specialized personnel ensures the most advantageous lease of its principals property, after careful research of the market, the area and, of course, the current economic conditions.

Regarding principals residing abroad, the company assumes overall supervision of the property, as well as the management of operating expenses and taxes. However, in case they wish to stay in, we take care for the proper.

Repair and Design

Renovation and repair of real estate is a process that requires expertise and quality work.

A sound staff of scientists - architects, designers/decorators - in cooperation with modern technical crew is available to our clients in order to present them their comprehensive proposals.

They undertake the planning and restructuring of the internal and external areas of the property, respecting the principles of high aesthetics and functionality, as well as requirements and wishes set by our clients.

Our company is distinguished for its professionalism and effectiveness of the work assigned, always looking forward to the complete satisfaction of people who honored us with their trust.