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'Golden Visa' residence permit to 1,573 real estate investors - Dominating Chinese and Russians

Primarily Chinese and secondarily the Russians seem to be those that utilize more than any other program Greek Golden Visa to provide a residence permit in the country for those who make investments of over 250,000 euro.

Investments may involve either real estate or business and residence permits are granted to investors - residents of third countries; not only for themselves and their family members.

According to official sources until January 31, 2017 granted 1,573 licenses to real estate investors. First buyers home country China with 664 permits second Russia with 348, third with Egypt 77, Lebanon fourth 73 and fifth Ukraine with 67.

The first countries to residence permits, if included, and the authorizations granted to investors relatives (total 3.809), is China with 1,580 permits, Russia with 787, Iraq 211, Lebanon 203 and Egypt in 179.

The ministerial committee examining ways to improve the effectiveness of the program. In this context, our company submitted its writing proposals for improvement and further promotion of Greek Golden Visa.